You will do the accounting for the company and
get the deepest insight into business processes.


In contrast to the professions of mediamatician and Interactive Media Designer, no Experience Year is required for the commercial apprenticeship.


  • Sek-A-oder B-Abschluss
  • Motiviert und engagiert
  • Interest in communication and correspondence
  • Flair for numbers and organisation
  • Beherrschen des 10-Finger-Systems
  • Basics of MS Office



From the beginning you will be trained as a learning businessperson in a wide range of areas. You will be at the forefront of accounting, correspondence, customer service and communication. You'll also work closely with other apprentices and actively help shaping our company.



We can't wait to get to know you better. The first step is your application. Show us who you are, what makes you special and why you'd like to work with us. If you convince us, we will invite you for a two-day trial apprenticeship with qualification procedures. During this you will get to know our company and our team and solve practical and written tasks. The most important thing, however, is your character. How good are you at implementing what you have learned, solving problems and thinking out of the box? At the end of your trial apprenticeship, there will be an evaluation meeting in which we will give you feedback on how we have experienced you during this time and will be happy to answer your questions about the apprenticeship professions and about us.


The wages paid by ContentMakers are significantly lower than the average market wages. The reason for this is simple: ContentMakers is a self-managed training company with a non-profit purpose. Coached by experts and experienced professionals, we apprentices run the company ourselves - from customer acquisition to TV productions to accounting or this text you are reading. Our financial resources are scarce, so we have to manage them carefully. The wages that are agreed with our apprentices are of course guaranteed. In addition, we prefer to offer apprenticeships to several committed young people rather than just one or two. An apprenticeship is primarily there to lay the building blocks for your own future. Your focus as an applicant should not be to earn as much money as possible during your apprenticeship. Up to now, all ContentMakers apprentices have been offered attractive positions with renowned companies such as SRF, have started their own businesses or are studying at universities of applied sciences such as the ZHdK and have no regrets about the loss of wages at ContentMakers. A broad and optimal education is our priority.



Would you like to learn the basics of professional video and television production? Or the 10th school year is not for you and you are looking for alternatives? Then apply for the Experience Year now!



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